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NEXNOVO participated in the International Rail Transportation EXPO in Changsha

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On 28th of Nov. 2016, NEXNOVO participated in the International Rail Transportation EXPO in Changsha, Hunan. With the theme “Rail transportation could change the world”, Expo present the advantages of the Rail Transportation, for example its new technology, new industry, new equipment, new material on this field. The Global Rail Transportation Industry catch the opportunity for the successful exhibitation, technical communication and international cooperation which focus on the quality and service. In this period, High-Speed Rail Ecnomic Forum invited a large number of experts who acquired the fame around the world, would make a discuss about the China High-Speed Rail Technology Innovation and Economy Impact of China.

CRSC used the innovation technology XRW of NEXNOVO, more than 30 sqm transparent led display, whose characteristic fit the technical product of CRSC. The transparent led display feature outstanding appearance, fashion and technical style attracted lots of attention from the View Exhibitors and Media.



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