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8 Words You Must Know about Transparent LED Display (Part I)

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8 Words You Must Know about Transparent LED Display (Part I)


In the past months, more and more customers are surprised by the dramatic beautiful visual effect of the Transparent LED display. They are eager to try small format LED in their flagship stores but don't know how to start, also confused by a lot of technical words.

Here I figure out the most basic & important 8 technical words you might face, here we go.

Pixel Pitch


This is the most important, basic parameter for a transparent LED display. It means the distance from one LED lamp to the next neighbor lamp; For example, “P2.6” means that the distance from a lamp to the next lamp (horizontally) is 2.6mm. The smaller pitch is, the more lamps in unit area(sqm), that definitely means higher resolution & higher cost, that’s it. 

The pixel pitch depends on the viewing distance, and your budget. 

Viewing Distance

This word is easy to understand, it is talking about how much distance between your visitors and the screen. For a screen with certain pixel pitch, it has its minimum viewing distance and maximum viewing distance. The bigger the pitch is, the longer viewing distance. However for an indoor screen, you have to opt a small enough pitch to make sure perfect display effect. 


The above image can give you a idea about correspondence between pixel pitch and viewing distance.



Everyone knows an image makes up of millions of pixels, it’s same way for LED display. You can see each lamp as a pixel. For example, a LED display in P2.6x5.68mm at 3.33 x 2m size, you will get a screen at resolution 1280x720p (HD, 16:9).

In reality, the display size is unalterable once construction finished, the pixel pitch would be finalized as per viewing distance, lastly the video resolution can be calculated and followed by video-producer.



This parameter only apply to the transparent LED products. It mostly means how is rate of LED strip thickness and blank space in vertical direction, please reference the picture. The higher the transparency is, the more invisible for LED strips from certain distance.

[Unfinished, Part II update soon]

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