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NEXNOVO Transparent LED display in high-end store in Hongkong

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On 1st of October,2013, NEXNOVO transparent LED display provides the best solution to the NINE WEST in Store 1097, IFC MALL which is the high-end brand fashion store facing to the Central Apple Store, located in Finance Centre of Hong Kong, the most crowing and shinning brand-studded place.

With pixel pitch 10mm and display size 1.92mm x 2.24mm, the transparent led display fit very well for the NINE WEST Store, for more, the fashion and unique visual effect have attracted many passerby and guests’ attention.

The NINE WEST is the first high resolution project in Hong Kong, also is the first experience for NEXNOVO to the application on the high-end market, which is base on the application on high-end store in the future.