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Exhibition Review |NEXNOVO participated in 2021 Green Intelligent Building Expo

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NEXNOVO participated in the China Building Science Conference and Green Intelligent Building Expo held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) during June 24-27.The expo is positioned to "promote green and smart buildings, help to achieve the peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality goal". 

With the theme of “Green Buildings for a Better Life”, the expo focus on cutting-edge technology and presents the latest achievements and trend of development in the fields of new materials, new techniques, new energy resources, new facilities and new architectures. 

Joining together with the headquarter, KINGLONG Hardware, NEXNOVO participated in the exhibition and exhibited a series of independently developed innovative products, including Glass LED NE series, Sliding Door NS series, NexBarrier NB series, NexSign NT series and Retail Glass NSN series.

Glass LED NE series is a new building material that is called to be born for building facades design. The black technology is well worthy of its name: over 90% transparency, patented technology of nano film circuits and built-in drive-in LED, simplified electronic circuit , double data backup, being capable of resuming data transmission in case of break-point while a single LED chip failure wont affect others. With stable performance and low power consumption, it wont turn yellow, can be scrubbed and easy to clean. Glass LED NE series is definitely a new eco-friendly building material that will be widely used in green and intelligent buildings, like glass facades and building lighting etc.

The intelligent lighting is an ornament to the architectures and this is the perfect presentation of architectural aesthetics and technological innovation.


Especially developed for various high-end scenes, NS series is an overall solution for creative entrance and perfect replacement for glass door installation. Applied to the design of specific scene, the transparent LED screen has not only the practical value of partition and shielding but also the artistic value of scene creation and environment fusion to display diversified space. One investment, numerous return.


NB series is mainly used in shopping malls, hotels, real estate, scenic spot balustrades, science and technology exhibition halls and lounge bridges etc., and can be used to replace glass. Its transparency reaches as high as 97% and the main structure and fixing parts of the column are cast by KONGLONG Hardware, which is reliable in intensity. NB series not only has the protective function of the traditional guardrails, but also fully exploits the value of the commercial public space, making the glass barriers more interesting, alive and eye-catching.
NexEsign NT series is widely used in municipal engineering, banking and securities, subways, hospitals, clinics, restaurants, hotels, and real estate etc. It is a revolutionary new generation of digital signage in sub-application fields

Being light, elegant and user-friendly, NexEsign won the 2021 World Industrial Design "IF" award. A single panel weighs only 7kg and the thickness is only 6mm. Using the Drive-in  LED technology and control system independently developed by NEXNOVO,  NexEsign supports mobile editing, broadcast control and remote centralized management. With its massive materials templates, program list storage, online editing previewing and other practical functions, NexEsign brings more intelligent, efficient and convenient elements into the signage application scenes. Anybody can be a designer with one click on the screen.

NSN series is specially designed for the advertising needs from the high-end brand retail glass windows. Featured by frameless design and seamless splicing,it provides an all-in-one solution to retail windows, interior space creativity and partition applications. 

The display height of a single panel can be up to 3000mm, unlimited expansion to the left and right as needed. The true 16Bit gray scale makes the color display effect clearer and more vivid, which fully meets the practical needs of the more and more fashionable and technological building space and the more and more compact urban space.